Dead people always ruin my weekend.

While I’m certainly not trying to make light of the death of Dave Matthews Band saxaphonist, LeRoi Moore, I can haelp but think “FUCK!” I have tickets to go to the show in San Diego this friday and I know it’s going to be cancelled. This brings me to my next plea, people stay off those ATVs!! What the hell are people speeding all over on these things for?

What ever happened to Big Wheels? I used to jet up and down the sidewalk on those plastic fuckers and all I’d end up with was the possibilty of a scraped knee and an eight year old boner! If more people would just pedal around on Big Wheels then my weekend would still be on track! But no, you ATV assholes have to buzz around the mud, tempting people like poor LeRoi to join your crazy cult of jerk turds. All I wanted was a cold beer, a carne asada burrito, and some Tripping Billies!

Cocks to that! Now what am I going to do this weekend? Dear Jesus, please let the show go on. The Tickets are paid for and I grew my beard extra thick to accomodate the acoustics. I swear I won’t make fun of all the frat boys in flip flops if you just do me this solid! Wait..I don’t believe in Jesus. Shit. So what are you doing this weekend?

We will miss you LeRoi. We still miss you Big Wheel.


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